Greenmangaming 50 Games you must play before you die … 20 – 12

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Greenmangaming 50 Games you must play before you die … 20 – 12

It’s the weekend – the perfect time for some laid back gaming. We’re looking to make the weekend even better with the next batch in our countdown of the 50 Games You Must Play Before You Die!

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#20 Fallout 3 -75% off Greenmangaming


„An epic search for your missing father across a post Nuclear apocalypse America. Best bits were realising “Hang on, isn’t that the Washington Monument, which makes that building the Capitol and this road I am fighting mutants on, the National Mall”. Fast travelling into an area full of Deathclaws never ended well, they were both speedy and deadly buggers. I’ve heard that some people have managed speed runs of this game in under 90 minutes, but my 100+ hours over 15 months were well worth it, with the 5 add on’s great additions to the game.“ -Catherine

#19 Dishonored -75% off Greenmangaming


„Dishonored is hands down one of my favourite games of the last few years. Not only is it a classic stealth game, with tons of options of experimentation and replayability, but it’s a wonderfully original and distinct world, rich with a steampunk art style that I adore. It also has some of the coolest DLC packs I’ve played, with the Brigmore Witches providing some great scares.“


#18 Thief Gold -75% off Greenmangaming


„I’ve had plenty of debates with colleagues (looking at you Tom) about which Thief is the best. The Dark Project was the first and the best in the series – it’s a timeless classic which introduced such a variety of new an innovative stealth techniques that I still hold to be the benchmark when I play later stealth iterations. Still a great gaming experience to revisit or play for the very first time.“

#17 Rome: Total War -75% off Greenmangaming


„There’s nothing like a strategy game that lets you command one of the most tactically advanced legions of all time. Roman era history is incredibly violent and rife for opportunities for over the top battles recreated with authentic accuracy. Rome: Total War is probably the best game of its kind ever made.“ -Tom

#16 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -75% off Greenmangaming


„I first played this on my trusty PS2 and from the very first moments of peddling through Grove Street on a BMX, I was hooked. Whilst Vice City was pitch perfect for the series, San Andreas was the first GTA game to bring an enormous sense of scale; with three cities, and more countryside, forest, and desert than you could shake a stick at. Combined with the usual array of vivid characters, stories and side missions, this was a genuinely huge step forward for the GTA universe.“


#14 Age of Empires II -75% off Greenmangaming


„Age is Empires is an awesome series (I even have a soft spot for III) with II being head and shoulders above the rest. There are over 20 different civilisations, each with their own unique feel, units and visuals – each nicely balanced so you have the full freedom to enjoy the variety! It’s a sublime RTS experience despite its age“

#13 Grand Theft Auto III -75% off Greenmangaming


The seminal Grand Theft Auto III put you in control of a convict on the loose, immersed in the living, fictionalised New York of Liberty City. With top-class voice acting from some notable Hollywood stars, and one of the best, dark-comedic scripts to ever arise in gaming, GTA: III let you run wild. With myriad vehicles, weapons and NPCs there’s so much to do on and off mission. But don’t forget to take time out and appreciate the sheer beauty of the place. Climb up into the foothills of Shoreside Vale and on a clear day you can see all the way to Portland. I just hope the game doesn’t count towards your karma in the real world. Some of the things I’ve seen and done….“

#12 Mass Effect 2 -75% off Greenmangaming


„Probably the best entry in the Mass Effect series, with some of the most memorable squad members (my personal favourites were Grunt, Kasumi and Thane), some truly magnificent missions, and the return of fan favourites Garrus, Tali and Liara. Mass Effect has always excelled in giving players ownership of Commander Shepard and his crew, and allowing for one of the most personal gaming experiences of recent times. Does lose a point for removing the Mako though. (Also, if you didn’t romance Tali you’re doing it wrong).“

We’re almost at the end of our amazing 50 game list, but do you agree with our suggestions so far? Let us know your ideal Gaming Bucketlist here!


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