50 Games you must play before you die … 11 – 1

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50 Games you must play before you die ..

We’re at the final stretch, counting down to number one. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, but we’re finally revealing the toppest dogs at the top of our list of top dogs. These are the games you simply have to play, no matter who you are or what genres you prefer. These ten games won’t disappoint…


#11 Brothers A Thale of two sons -50%


„Brothers feels like a fable you’re told at bedtime when you’re young. It features no dialogue, and the minimal cast of characters are vividly brought to life with monsyllabic sounds and expressive gestures. The story is relatively brief, lasting only a few hours, but the sights you encounter are memorable and exciting. This feels like an oldschool adventure, filled with peril, anguish and despair. There is hope, too, but you’ll have to play it to find out where that hope lies…“


„The Grand Theft Auto franchise has moved into a much more cinematic direction in the past couple of iterations, and whilst these have been exceptional examples of open-world gaming, Vice City is still the true measure of the franchise at heart; fun. It is the most fulfilling GTA game to date, with unforgettable characters, a fantastic soundtrack (still the best to date in my book) and set in the best era and city to date. GTA IV and GTA V were excellent games, but to make this GTA fan truly, truly happy, please take him back to Vice City (but with a new-generation lick of paint).“ -Mike



„It’s telling how much of a classic this game is by how different its sequel became; Civilisation IV is probably the perfection of the original game seen in Civilisation, before Civ5 focused on hexagonal maps and non-unit stacking. Not even including the expansion sets, the depth of play to explore here is fantastic. As everyone does, one’s first game inevitably involves an army of steel burning its way across the globe, before curiosity takes hold and you attempt the other, more subtle, victories. Can one conquer the world via an army of actors and musicians? I never got to that point, though I did once witness the frantic scramblings of the AIs as my colony ship took shape.“


„BioShock Infinite achieves so much. It earned instant acclaim, divided some crowds as to whether it was the best in the series, but provided one of the most compelling game worlds I’ve ever step foot in. It tackles tough themes, weaves an interesting web of religion, science, ethics and everything in between, while refining the vigor-slinging gunplay that BioShock established six years previously. Infinite is a beautiful piece of work, and a game that any gamer should play to see for themselves.“


„Across two platforms, countless modding time and more, I’ve played Skyrim for upwards of around 500 hours. It is the best game I have ever played, and consumed my life for months on end when it launched nearly three years ago. Recently when I bought my PC, I was then plunged into the world of modding, where it once again begun to eat away at me, consuming every morsel of interest I had inother games. After all, who needs other games when you have Skyrim?“


„Did you think it would be that easy? Portal 2 picks up the core mechanic of its predecessor and carries it gracefully into a larger, more rounded experience. While keeping the spirit very much alive, Portal 2 mixes in new gameplay elements, locations and characters whilst at the same time expanding the story of Aperture Science with the same intuitive level design and attention to detail we’ve come to expect. Add in an entirely new two player co-op campaign and you have a game that not only lives up to but even steps outside of the shadow of the first game. An absolute must-play for Portal fans, Portal 2 delivers on the promise of the first game and then some. By the end of your second outing through the test chambers of Aperture the only question on your mind will be: Can they do it again?“


„Oblivion was the first big RPG I ever played, and it blew me away. It was the first time I had ever experienced a huge open sandbox fantasy world, filled to bursting point with quests and interesting things to do. On what was the „next-gen“ Xbox 360 back then, Oblivion was one of the prettiest games ever made, with lush fantasy forests and huge castles, cities and crumbling ruins. Skyrim eclipsed it graphically half a decade later, but Oblivion is still one of the best games ever made.“


„If I told you The Orange Box isn’t the greatest compilation of games ever released on this earth, I’d be lying. It’s got 3 of the Top 50 games in it, plus the single most solid team-based FPS the PC has ever known: Team Fortress 2. A game I have played for dozens of hours, and never ever felt I was done with it. I still keep going back today! All for less than the price of a standard AAA title release.“


„The beginning of modern gaming in my opinion – nothing beats the tension built by one of the greatest set-piece openings. The five minutes you spend on Black Mesa’s monorail let you revel in a sense of tangible scale and sets the game up thematically. If you are to play it today, it is well worth checking out the Black Mesa mod which tarts up the visuals quite considerably.“

#2 Bio-Shock -75%


„This is one of the very finest games ever created. The setting, the graphics, the story, the sound design; it’s all expertly executed. Even with the few niggles I had towards the end  (and I won’t vocalise these as it could be considered spoilerific) this is very, very near to perfection. My love of the BioShock franchise extends across all the games, numerous figures, extremely rare pieces of developer artwork, artbooks, and I even the BioShock themed Xbox 360 faceplate I rocked at the time. This level of fandom stems from the original, and still the very best, entry in this franchise. Bioshock, you have my heart, always.“ -Mike


#1 Half-Life 2 -75% 


„Oh, Half-Life 2. I’m not sure what your biggest tragedy is; your lack of a sequel, or that no current-gen games step up to what you gave us. This is where environmental storytelling really kicked off, where I first began to see a new potential for games. The lone drive along the coast would, in any other game, be a rail shooter with nothing but dodging, oh I don’t know, helicopter mines and motorbikes, but here you somberly explore the outskirts of broken civilisation. The assault you lead on the Citadel feels the closest to The Longest Day’s Ouistreham charge that I’ve ever felt, every loss beside you a stinging blow, every step forward a furious triumph. Plus I got to knock a soldier off a cliff by hurling a radiator into their face.“

„WHY IS HALF LIFE 2 NOT NUMBER ONE, ZOMG WTF! Oh wait it is?! Well dayum and well deserved! Half-Life 2 is in my mind the high point of gaming excellence, a beautiful world going hand-in-hand with an immensely immersive story, all of which is home to gamings greatest protagonist, Gordon Freeman. Some say Gordon Freeman is the love Child of Gabe Newell and Morgan Freeman, I can’t confirm this but I believe this to be true. Timeless and Truly glorious, if you haven’t played it yet, take yourself out back and whip yourself with a garden hose or play the game.“