Greenmangaming präsentiert 50 GAMES YOU MUST PLAY, BEFORE YOU DIE 40 – 31

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Greenmangaming Special – 50 Games you must play, before you die … 40 – 31

The beautiful countdown to continues…

Number 50 – 41 were fantastic games, but today’s lineup of numbers 40 – 31 is arguably even better. Check out the next ten games to make it into our glorious list of the 50 Games You Must Play Before You Die.

We’ve counted down 20 games so far, but do you agree with our suggestions so far? Let us know your ideal Gaming Bucketlist here!
#40 Left for Dead -75% off (Greenmangaming)


„Left 4 Dead brought us one of the greatest gifts to multiplayer gaming; the AI Director. I have many, many fond memories of playing this game with friends online, including being shouted at repeatedly to „get in the f*$ing cupboard Mike“ to try and hide from a rampaging Tank. Good times.“ -Mike


„OK so it’s a strategy game but I’ve also got the powers of a god? SOLD. Age of Mythology was one of the first games I properly got into when I was a young kid, and the fact it mixed high strategy action with mythological history and awesome factions made it all the better. One of the best.“ Sam


„I’m not into strategy games: I don’t have the patience and I prefer being a simple soldier than a ruler. I then discovered Total War: Shogun II. I played the game, finished it over and over again: it’s just amazing. Ruling a medieval clan, expanding it and becoming the Shogun of Japan, all of this with a fantastic gameplay and amazing details: it’s remarkably fulfilling!“ -Remi


#37 Portal -75% off Greenmangaming



„Portal is an amazing game for anyone who likes thinking outside the box. Of course, you have to think while under the watchful gaze of a malevolent AI that’s hell-bent on making you do science until you’re ready to lay down and submit to being thrown into a furnace. In short: most gamers.“ -Rob


#36 Deus Ex: Human Revolution -75% off Greenmangaming



„I’ve played Deus Ex, the very first one. It was amazing and launched a promising franchise. After a long wait, then came Human Revolution. Not only is it one of the most stunningly well realised game worlds you could imagine, but the story and the script were amazing, probably leading to one of the best games of the last few years“ -Remi


#35 Half-Life 2: Episode Two -75% off Greenmangaming



„Regardless of what opinion you may hold of the lack of recent releases from Valve, it’s hard to be mad; Half Life 2 Episode 2 gave us an fantastic bite-size chunk of atmosphere, quality gameplay, and a roller coaster ride of emotion. Many questions were answered, though not without sacrifice. Whatever’s following Episode 2 has got a lot to live up to. A lot.“ -Sean


#34 Sid Meier`s Civilization V -75% off Greenmangaming



„Well and above one of my most played games on Steam, Civiliation V is everything I love in a strategy game. It’s huge, epic and packs all of the world’s greatest leaders into one roster. There’s nothing like building Gandhi into a militaristic tyrant who wants nothing more than to quash the United States with cannons and galleys. Carpe that bloody Diem“ -Sam


„My favourite out of the new Batman trilogy, Rocksteady improved on the original game with a much more expansive and richer world to explore. If this is your first Batman game to play it may seem daunting at first, but let it teach you the ways of combat and you’ll soon be gliding from roof-to-roof with bat-like precision“ -Jordan


„Sports can be dull, but the realistic animations and play of the NBA series has me hooked. 2K13 packed all the frenetic action of basketball into a gorgeous package, and despite not previously knowing much about the sport, it pushed me to learn more about this complicated, beautiful sport“ -Dan
#31 Sid Meier`s Civilization III -60% off Greenmangaming


„Civ III helped to open the door to PC gaming when I was growing up. As one of the few things I was able to run on the hand-me-down laptop, the slow pacing allows for you to truly immerse yourself into crafting your civilisation. Having fired it up again recently I can say that it still has the potential to fulfil dozens of hours in a hugely satisfying way.“ -Tom

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